Balgowan House stands as a distinguished provider of residential and nursing care within the community, boasting a dedicated workforce of approximately 55 individuals. Our team exemplifies stability, commitment, and professionalism, ensuring the highest standard of care for our residents.

At Balgowan House, we celebrate your individuality, tailoring our care to suit your unique needs and preferences. Embracing choice as a cornerstone of our philosophy, we encourage you to explore various options, ensuring that your decision to join us is made with confidence.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the feedback from our residents, their families, and visiting professionals, which not only affirms the quality of our services but also sparks continual enhancement. Trust in us to provide care that is as distinct and exceptional as you are.

Our Ethos

Nestled within the superior fabric of our residences, each well-appointed and crafted to exacting standards, lies a sanctuary far removed from the impersonal touch of corporate care.

Our ethos is woven into every welcoming smile, the elegance of our decor, the heartiness of our home-cooked meals, and the pervasive sense of warmth.

We are dedicated to fostering a tranquil haven that not only comforts but also empowers our residents to embrace a life rich with independence and engagement. Here, professional care harmonizes with a personal touch to create an exquisite home away from home.

Around Balgowan House


Integrum Care Group

Integrum Care Group represents a family of 6 care homes across the South East of England. Based in Hythe, Kent, we employ over 475 people and care for over 300 residents.

Our goal is to grow our family of care homes to a total of 10 homes across the South East providing best in class care for all those we look after.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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